Over time ...

Here you can find the latest news about the damage works

caused by the floods of September 2019.

August  : Parenthesis in the works: you came, thank you!


July : Here is the team, in shape and ready to welcome you and beautify  camping. 

End of June 2021 : The site development work is completed. They have been leveled, enlarged, vegetated, small stairs have been built in places, we always hope they will be more pleasant to live in.

May- June 2021 : Work continues with, in particular, repairs to the Chêne Vert chalet and the embellishment of the upper part of the campsite: repair of barriers, small stone stairs, planting of plants and shrubs.

Work continues with repairs to the Chêne Vert chalet and the embellishment of the upper part of the campsite: repair of barriers, small stone stairs, planting of plants and shrubs.

April 2021 : Work on the bridge begins.

At the beginning of April, the pile which had been damaged by the floods was reinforced. In the process, the reconstruction of the apron is undertaken.

End of April: the first construction machinery can cross the bridge! The major works will be able to begin!



Jointly, other works are being carried out: the catering area is getting a facelift, the green spaces are cleaned, the locations are enlarged; little by little the traces of the flood are fading.

The new major project underway is the installation by an external company of a new system to treat wastewater, the one in place having been completely washed away by the flood. The chosen choice is that of phyto-purification, an ecological system, which is completely in line with the dynamics of the campsite. There will therefore be three basins of 45m², in which reeds will be planted, which will be created in order to filter the black water.


The next few weeks will also be busy with the installation of new sanitary facilities and the reconstruction of the gazebo.

January 2021 : the big administrative work with insurance is finished; this is the start for the start of major works. A small mechanical shovel is bought to be able to start the various sites such as the expansion of the sites which are on the upper part of the campsite or to transport stones to rebuild collapsed walls.

October to December 2020 : the shock is over, it's time to clean up with a capital N.

The first step is to evacuate the rubble, the waste swept up by the water, to evacuate the mud that has lodged in the restaurant.






It is also necessary to finish demolishing what has been damaged by water, the arbor for example.






But also to cut trees irremediably damaged by the flood, to cut branches, trunks that the river has deposited everywhere.












There is no lack of work! At the same time, a long and tedious work begins: the procedures with insurance companies and experts. It is morally heavy but fortunately we can count on beautiful outbursts of generosity: families, friends, even anonymous, came to lend us a hand to clean up, to rebuild. A Leetchi fundraiser is even organized by Peggy and Maria, the former owners. A big THANK YOU to them and to you, your donations will allow us to buy trees that will reforest the banks of the Hérault.

September 2020 : on September 19, the region undergoes a violent Cevennes episode (strong floods over a short period), the Hérault gets out of its bed and takes everything in its path. The campsite is very badly affected, a pile of the bridge is washed away, the arbor is partly torn off, the tavern / kitchen / reception is flooded, trees are torn up, the floors are washed ... It is astonishment, it has was extremely sudden and violent, but fortunately there are no casualties here.

Until the end of September the situation remains very complicated: no running water or electricity, no telephone or Internet network; We are cut off from the world, which partly explains our silence.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Here is an article that talks about September 19, 2019 including a video in which we see the campsite: HERE